The Crowdfunded Sono Sion Solar Electric Car

sono sion

Sono Motors of Germany has completed its first round of funding through Indiegogo. The main idea promoted for their little car was that it could self-charge as much as 30 km (~18 miles) just sitting in daylight with an array of solar cells covering body panels. But the feature set is far more impressive than that.

They project 2 versions. An urban vehicle with about  75 miles of range and an Extender version with about 155 miles. Yes, you can plug them in as well. The solar panels provide additional charging capacity—as long as you don’t park it underground or in a garage.

The team behind the Sion has put some serious thought into features and maintenance factors that are truly unique in the industry.

A feature called breSono integrates lichens, a primitive moss that is self-sustaining and is in the air flow system for the cabin, filtering pollutants out of the air. Another very cool feature is called reSono. This is essentially a self-repair system. If something breaks on the car you can order a new part and get a set of video instructions for doing the replacement yourself. And if you are not interested in DIY service, the visual repair manual will be publicly available so your mechanic can do it for you.

The key feature of the Sion is viSono, the polycarbonate protected solar cells embedded in the roof and body panels. This not only provides a continuing source of charge for the main batteries, but power to other devises as well.

We’ll be very excited to see how this car shakes out when the driver demo prototypes roll out next year. It will be very interesting to see how this company evolves on the organic basis they have adopted.


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