The Lilium Electric VTOL: Are the Jetsons Finally Coming?

Anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic has dreamed of this kind of vehicle. Simply get in, go straight up and then off to your destination and then land vertically. No runway needed, at either end. The German founders of Lilium have certainly advanced a design concept that is a new take on the idea of personal transport.

The projected specifications are as interesting as the design concept:

Take-off and landing Vertically
Steering Easy to fly (Fully computer-assisted control system)
License Sport pilot license (LSA)
Number of passengers 2
Max. take-off weight 600 kg
Payload 200 kg
Cruising velocity 300 km/h / 180 mph
Max. velocity 400 km/h / 250 mph
Range 500 km / 300 mi
Power 320 kW / 435 hp

We will have to wait a while longer for details like pricing and safety features. We would assume that a whole vehicle ballistic parachute would be included—the kind that has saved numerous lives with small aircraft.

The current design concept shows us 36 electric fans. Hopefully this gives some redundancy, which would also be a safety feature. But if anyone has played around lately with some of the multi-fan drones available on the market, the performance possibilities of this craft could be extremely interesting. We’ll have to wait till January of 2018 to find out….

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