How Much Can You Save Driving an EV or Hybrid?

ev explorerA new online tool, brought to you by a team at the PH&EV Research Center at UC Davis, lets you explore if an electric vehicle is right for you.

Put in a home location and a travel destination and we’ll tell you how much you’ll save for up to four vehicles you want to compare. You can incorporate the price of charging at work or charging at any other destination to get costs as close as possible to what you encounter in the real world.

The UC Davis EV Explorer will help you determine if a plug-in vehicle is right for you.

The website is designed to help people compare up to 4 different vehicles, including gasoline and plug-in electric vehicles, side by side on an energy cost basis. Just put in your destination and frequency of travel and the yearly costs will instantly appear for four common vehicles. You can specify your charger access to get an accurate cost for public charger use.

The website is part of a California Energy Commission project designed to give tools to planning organizations for electric vehicles. When we interviewed planning organizations, they needed not only planning tools for their own modelers, but for their constituents to make informed decisions. Hence, the EV explorer was born.


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