The Next Best Thing to a Hoverboard: The OneWheel Electric Skateboard

The folks at OneWheel ( are developing perhaps the coolest electric skateboard concept ever.

As you may have guessed there is only one wheel. The platform is stable due to gyroscopic stabilization. You steer by repositioning your body weight forward, backward to either side or in combination as you get better at it.

Initial training takes about a minute. It can go up to 6 miles on a charge depending on your terrain. And it can recharge in 20 minutes.

Not every town, shopping area or business location has electric car charging stations that are in truly convenient locations, yet. So, getting from your car to your actual location could be a bit of a hike. The same could apply to mass transit use. Getting from the station to the office or from the station to home can take some work. Taking a bicycle is doable. We see this all the time. But carrying one of these or putting one in your trunk—no brainer.

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