Uber Elevate: Are Flying Cars Finally Becoming a Reality?

uber elevate

Uber has revealed a new project through which it aims to bring flying cars to commuters by 2026, by publishing a white paper outlining its plans for Uber Elevate, a network of on-demand electric aircraft. Business Insider adds:

Known as VTOL aircraft—short for Vertical Take-Off and Landing—the aircraft would be used to shorten commute times in busy cities, turning a two-hour drive into a 15-minute trip. According to a piece out from Wired on the new plans, Uber doesn’t plan to build the aircraft themselves. The ride-hailing company will bring together private companies and the government to deal with the larger issues of making this project a reality, Wired reports. The vehicles would be able to travel at about 150 mph for up to 100 miles and carry multiple people, including a pilot, according to Wired.

elevate2We have become so inured with the the idea of coping with endless traffic that it has become “normal” to just plan our days around staring at tail lights. And all this while we hope that self-driving technology can rescue some of our attention span from this daily grind.

Uber’s white paper on the practical aspects of flying cars, now becoming more practical with the introductions of new technologies, creates the hope that we can recover even more time from our days.

Imagine turning a 2-hour commute into 15-20 minutes. Once the ideas of safety and reliability are attained for this concept, the adoption will be huge. That’s probably an understatement.

As of this writing, there are numerous “flying car” projects in development around the world. Companies like Airbus are involved and in a big way. Add to this mix Zee.Aero owned personally by Google Co-Founder Larry Page. Zee.Aero’s prototype was recently spotted hovering over a runway in Hollister.

Maybe we can get hopeful for the arrival of a Jetsons future. An on-demand version of the Jetsons would be even better.

As a humorous aside, one of the meanings of the German word über is “over or above.”

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